Getting to know your customers with your CRM

Jan 8, 2020 | General

Having the ability to create and continuously better the customer experience is vital for brand reputation (online and off), personalisation of brand, customer retention, higher customer engagement, increased revenue and long-term profitability. For highly competitive industries such as the Forex sector, a high-quality customer experience is vital to stand out against your competitors who today, are marketing themselves more aggressively than ever.

To be able to design a customer experience that is impactful requires having a deep understanding of your customers, being able to identify their specific pain points – their needs – and then addressing them successfully.

A CRM system is one of the most effective ways of getting to know more about prospective and actual customers. The QoreFX CRM platform providing crucial customer insights in multiple ways, as follows:


Integration of marketing automation software

Marketing automation software, when integrated with your CRM, becomes a powerful resource, centralising marketing, sales and customer activities into one place, providing you with a complete overview of your Forex business. The QoreFX platform for instance has many applications pre-integrated to perform a variety of marketing functions, for e.g. MailChimp, allowing you to send targeted email campaigns in bulk, directly to your contacts already loaded into your system (be they leads, opportunities or actual customers), Clickatell (for bulk SMS marketing campaigns), LIVECHATINC for logging conversations from the website, several others.

The insights from the data that these integrations can generate are invaluable, particularly in terms of learning more about your leads, customers, sales, marketing campaign success, consumer behaviours, and more. Marketers can use this information to better determine the effectiveness of campaigns, how they performed, what consumers liked or disliked, what they respond to or ignore, what generates enquiries, as opposed to what doesn’t – throughout the customer journey, from onboarding to when they convert into active traders. Your marketers are then better informed to forecast which strategies will work well in the future and modify those that haven’t performed well in the past.


Integration of multiple other business systems

The QoreFX CRM system can also be integrated with multiple other systems including your trading platforms (MT4, MT5 and CTrader), website, members area, KYC and AML systems, telephony system, mail servers, live chat, payment gateways, as well as your back-office/ERP. This gives you the ability to gain an overview of every customer, providing you with vital insights into customer behaviours, trade volumes, profitability, and more.


Centralised data approach

QoreFX CRM software enables you to store and centralise all your customers’ data, making it easy-to-access and to generate into reports. While this centralised data approach makes for faster response times to queries, and decreases the risk of duplicate information, it also enables Forex companies to create full customer profiles for each trader, with all their documents and can verify, manage and monitor them, without the need to constantly contact the traders themselves.

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