Forex Affiliate Website Builder

Use our unique Forex Website Builder (WebGen) to generate and deploy multiple branded websites and landing pages for affiliates in minutes.  

Forex Affiliate Websites Builder

Generate multiple websites and landing pages from a single platform

Use simple, easy to use dashboards to create thousands of websites and landing pages branded with an Affiliate’s attributes and deploy in minutes, all from a single intuitive platform.


Step 1

Enter your custom domain name, corporate branding and content.


Step 2

Deploy your new fully branded website automatically with a click of a button.


Step 3

Start receiving leads from your new website immediately.

Forex website builder key benefits

Our Forex Affiliate Website builder solution features provide for increased control, operational efficiency, and the ability to form and maintain retentive relations with partners worldwide.

Complete control

Control elements on the main page directly from the WebGen system, without the need to involve a web developer to maintain or update the website/landing page.


Create a new website/landing page at the click of a button and immediately apply individual or affiliate colour schemes and branding elements.

Affiliate Marketing & Tracking

Use a built-in tracking mechanism on the generated websites/landing pages to monitor registrations, account openings, marketing intelligence and A/B testing.


Ensure compliance by controlling the content used by your affiliates. Promote a wide network of collaborators giving them independence to work, but closely monitoring activities centrally.

Multiple languages

Build affiliate websites and landing pages in multiple languages and benefit from international exposure.

sample forex affiliate website

Generate affiliate websites in minutes.

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