Why your Forex Firm Needs the QoreFX Next-Generation CRM Software

Jan 24, 2020 | General

​An intelligent CRM System is a critical tool in helping companies operating in the Forex industry meet the demands of regulatory KYC and AML requirements, improve internal processes and workflows, provide a level of customer experience that outperforms the competitors, and which boosts revenue and profitability. Investing in a CRM that has been created for the Forex sector has become especially important if one hopes to be able to compete in what is an aggressively competitive domain. In this article, we will provide you the the main features that should be taken into account when purchasing a Forex CRM System.


Supports to your Sales Teams

One of the primary functions of a CRM System is to help you generate, track and follow up your leads. It should allow you to record a lead’s contact information in the manner which best fits your business needs, record where in the sales lifecycle that lead is, as well as what actions have been performed on it by your sales team.

The QoreFX CRM System offers several tools to help you monitor new leads and track their status with user configurable dashboards, flexible client onboarding, opening of accounts and approval of deposits from the CRM and more.

Creates Critical Reports

Your CRM must be able to generate multiple reports, in real time. Whether you need to draw insights on trading activity, leads, revenue, sales performance or KYC data, you must have the ability to access this information quickly and effortlessly. Compiling and centralising easily accessible data to improve business processes, workflows and customer interactions is a critical must for any good CRM System.

QoreFX allows its customers to convert any collection of entries into a graphical report. It helps Sales teams monitor their KPIs and helps Backoffice and Compliance departments monitor all leads that need to comply with current Forex regulatory requirements.

Manages customer interactions

Customer management is another important function of a good CRM. Keeping track of all communication undertaken will keep your brokers up to date on the status of a client.

With QoreFX, you can leave follow up reminders and comments for each entry in the system, keeping colleagues in synch with regards to what is happening with a particular client. It also offers email integration, allowing users to read emails straight from the platform, thus simplifying the communication process.

Undertands the Forex industry

You need a CRM system that has been designed with the demands of the Forex industry in mind. A high degree of customization is required to cater to the intricacies of this sector so opting for a CRM System that was made for Forex as opposed to an off-the-shelf option greatly reduces the risk of receiving a sub-optimal system.

QoreFX was created by a team of talented developers who have extensive experience from working in large Forex corporations, equipping them with an in-depth understanding of the industry and the obstacles that arise. We have built QoreFX to solve many of the system challenges that Forex companies face today.

Offers essential integrations

You want a CRM system that offers multiple integrations, providing you with an all-in-one system solution, rather than having to access a number of different systems to view pertinent information or perform several key sales and marketing functions.

QoreFX has many applications pre-integrated to assist from trading platforms, to marketing solutions, to call/email logging. These include MT4 / MT5 Trading Platform, cTrader Trading Platform, Exelsys HR System, MailChimp, Clickatell for Bulk SMS Marketing, Epik for producing custom video marketing, Google Calendar, Social Media, LiveChat Systems, and many more.

QoreFX was created by a team of developers with extensive experience in the Forex industry. Our solutions focus on tackling the problems that Brokers face while providing a wealth of features for functionality and efficiency. We offer a class-leading Forex CRM System, an innovative Member’s Area, and integration of systems with trading platforms, payment gateways, and other third-party applications. We map out the most effective ways to implement your solutions in accordance with your processes through what we’ve learned over decades of experience.