Top 5 Features of a Forex CRM

Nov 1, 2019 | General

​You’ve concluded that your forex firm needs a CRM to address several challenges you’ve been facing. But you’re still unsure how to go about selecting a CRM solution that will best fit your needs.

In today’s blog, we bring you 5 ways to help you pick a CRM that will address critical issues faced by many brokers in what is a significantly competitive market.


Effective management of leads

You want a forex CRM solution that’s going to simplify lead conversion during the onboarding process. You want to automate new registrations and to include multiple steps to validate contact information and verify documents. You want the option to integrate custom questionnaires into your registration process and categorise clients appropriately according to their scores. You also want the solution to record and process marketing leads and incomplete client registrations, and to support a variety of fields related to customer trading accounts, compliance and external campaign tracking. QoreFX CRM offers these features, enhancing the buyer’s journey, helping you convert leads into paying customers, and optimizing client retention, effectively.


3rd party integrations

You need to have the option of seamless integration of 3rd party verification providers of your choice (e.g. WorldCheck) to be able to carry out appropriate due diligence checks automatically, in real-time, during on-boarding. Built into the registration process, these checks need to be comprehensive and quick, and need to meet global, regulatory AML and KYC requirements. QoreFX is a CRM solution offers this ability, streamlining the collation of this obligatory information without deterring or inconveniencing potential customers.


Integration of multiple other business systems

You need to consider a CRM like QoreFX that can be integrated with multiple other systems including your trading platforms, website, members area, KYC and AML systems, telephony system, mail servers, live chat, payment gateways, as well as your back-office/ERP. This gives you the ability to gain an overview of every customer, providing you with vital insights into customer behaviours, trade volumes, profitability, and more.


Effective communication flow

You want a CRM solution where documents uploaded securely via the Members Area are routed to the correct department/agent for immediate action. This boosts operational efficiency and allows your team to respond quickly where required, enhancing customer service and improving customer satisfaction.


Class-leading forex CRM developers

You want to work with forex CRM developers that will provide you with a CRM platform that has been built using the latest advances in technology and software architecture, and who can implement your CRM system in rapid time without any compromise on excellence. To ensure quality assurance, QoreFX tests its CRM solution during implementation, every step of the way and as often as possible. This avoids large disruptions at the end of any project and ensures the quality of the system throughout. QoreFX then provides administrative, technical and user training to your organisation to ensure the successful rollout of the system.

Schedule a demo of QoreFX CRM and learn more about its features and functionalities that sets it apart from its competitors.