Streamlining workflows with a Forex CRM

Nov 26, 2019 | General

A CRM system can do much to streamline workflows within a Forex business, giving your sales team the time and valuable insights to focus on onboarding new clients, nurturing leads and boosting ROI.

Some of the ways in which it does this is as follows:

A smart CRM system like QoreFX can automate many processes to streamline a variety of vital tasks such as better managing leads and opportunities, building insightful customer profiles, monitoring trading behaviours and trading history, generating multiple reports comprised of real time data, providing measurable metrics with which to create targeted sales and marketing campaigns customised to each customer (or segments of customers), and much more. This type of automation gives your sales and marketing team more time (and optimal data) to focus on core critical functions like generating and converting leads, making sales and establishing ongoing retentive customer relationships.

An effective Forex CRM platform, for instance QoreFX, can streamline client registrations, KYC processes and advertising activities, supporting a variety of fields related to customer trading accounts, compliance and external campaign tracking. Client information can be centralised, and the trading accounts of clients grouped according to your operation’s requirements. Accounts can be created not only through the lead conversion process, but also manually or automatically through API integration providing you with an overview of all your clients so you can make smarter and quicker business decisions.

The QoreFX CRM platform is also intuitive and can streamline a number of internal, time consuming, administrative processes through automated functionalities such as recording business activities, for e.g. calls, meetings, emails, and live chat; storing and processing documents required for client’s accounts and transactions as defined by regulatory KYC and AML requirements; and even handle the translation of a client’s documents from and to different languages as required by regulators; but limiting access to translators so that they can only view appropriate documents within the CRM and no other customer sensitive information.

The QoreFX CRM system can be integrated with your trading platforms, website, members area, KYC and AML systems, telephony system, live chat, payment gateways and your back-office/ERP, making for streamlined workflows – improving operational efficiency, quickening response times, boosting reporting capabilities and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Integrating marketing automation software with your Forex CRM system can also streamline your communication procedures significantly. For example, the QoreFX CRM platform has many applications pre-integrated to assist with a variety of popular functions. This includes Asterisk PBX for click-to-call and recording and logging telephony conversations; MailChimp for sending targeted email campaigns in bulk, directly to contacts already loaded into your system; EPIK for producing custom video marketing; Clickatell for bulk SMS marketing; LiveChatInc for logging conversations from the website, and many more.

Schedule a DEMO of our award-winning QoreFX CRM software and discover a world where your workflows happen seamlessly, effectively and efficiently – giving your sales department and team of marketers the ability and the time to focus on growing your business, successfully onboarding long-term clients and delivering the very best in customer service.