3 Techniques to Increase Lead Generation, Conversion and Customer Retention

Nov 15, 2020 | General

​Lead generation is vital for expansion and growth of any company, not least those operating in the Forex sector. Considering the aggressive level of competitiveness within this sector, converting those leads into paying customers has become one of the biggest challenges for Forex companies today.

So, what techniques can be implemented to increase lead generation, conversion and ultimately customer retention too?

Invest in technology and automation

Automation of workflows, processes and procedures saves time on daily tasks, enabling your sales team to focus on generating and converting leads effectively. Smart CRM software should allow for the integration of multiple other systems including trading platforms, website, members area, KYC and AML systems, telephony system, live chat, payment gateways, as well as your back-office/ERP, automating a number of key business functions so that your sales team can carry out their daily activities more efficiently, keep track of all their leads properly and build retentive customer relationships.

Keep your brokers informed

The Forex industry is highly regulated, subject to many global laws, regulations and advertising restrictions – which change continuously. To ensure compliance, your sales team must be kept abreast to ensure leads are targeted correctly, that KYC and AML requirements are adhered to, and to make the onboarding process for new customers easy to navigate and simple to use.

This also requires a Member’s Area that offers advanced client on-boarding with KYC functionality making it easy for prospective clients to use and ensuring that your forex firm acquires the information it needs to be compliant. This includes the automation of new registrations and the use of multiple steps to validate contact information and verify documents. Custom questionnaires can also be built into your registration process and categorise clients properly according to their scores.

Make strategic use of digital marketing tools

To be able to properly compete online, you need to implement website and content strategies which include:

    1. Making sure that your site can be found in the search engines.
    2. Serving content that caters to the needs of prospective customers, addresses the questions they’re looking to get answered, and which offers enough value to inspire (and be shared).
    3. Creating blog posts that incorporate relevant keywords that customers use to conduct their search.

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